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River Runs Through It.

Huge Happy Hucho.

Siberian tiger at wildlife refuge.

Gennady Apanasenko: Success is the name of the game.

Pavel Pechalin: It's good to be king.

Andrey Gnatyuk: Happy campers are here!

Russian VIP fishing group.

Sergey Pochep with his 14,2 kg taimen.

Andrey Gnatyuk: good taimen relations.

Crab meat for lunch again?

Adventure begins from here.

Cecil Bell's lenok wanted to be IGFA World record very much.

Nakamura-san with his impressive taimen.

Takashima-san,Professor of Hokkaido University, with his first lenok.

Japanese anglers:mountain river fishing had proved to be excellent experience.

Happy Ota-san with baby taimen.

Sea food on our river trips.

It's always hard to say good-bye.

Lots of species of mosses and lichens on our rivers.

Fishing in the late fall.

Glimpses of ancient times at good grayling spot.

Igor Tkachenko with his junior taimen.

Stepan Kirillin,our chief guide, with lenok caught on a fly.

Briefing by the super deep taimen hole.



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