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When people talk about Taimen, they often misspell the name or pronounce it differently, but they always mean one fish, which had captured imagination of every ambitious angler since the borders of Russia were open to the Western world.

Hucho hucho taimen is a charismatic freshwater resident and the largest member of the family Salmonidae, very often compared to the Holy Grail. Taimen are precious and predatory relict of ancient salmonids, obtaining legendary proportions. The huge taimen 231 lb. was caught in the nets in Siberia, as old tales say. The current IGFA All-Tackle World record is 92 lb. 8 oz. held by Yuri Orlov.

Size, strength, charisma and ceremonial palatability make taimen a highly desired sport fishing resource.

Hucho hucho taimen is 18 million years old, while the salmon species are 2-3 million years old. We are true believers that the taimen are the most beautiful, smart, aggressive, intelligent, strong-willed, fun and wise fish to catch. Our fishing for taimen is catch and release only. We have been offered a lot of money dozens of time to kill taimen, but we never agree.

We respect taimen for surviving for so long, for its beauty and wisdom. It takes patience, wisdom, skills and little bit of luck for the angler to land the huge taimen, the history of which began more then 18 million years ago.

If you decide to go, we'll share the secrets of taimen fishing, will suggest the Taimen Assault Gear and Battle Dress Uniform.

We will also offer the MICE ADVICE for night taimen fishing.