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The Khabarovsk Region of Russia offers dozens of diversified rivers for sport fishing with a variety of species of freshwater fish, salmon and two different species of Taimen.

The city of Khabarovsk, with almost a million people, is the capital, hub of international travel and is a major stop on the Trans-Siberian railroad for the Far East. Khabarovsk serves as the "jumping off" point for the helicopter transportation to the rivers.

Siberia Expeditions features
fishing and rafting trips
on the best rivers of Khabarovsk Region.

Yuri Orlov, President of the company, holds the top All-tackle IGFA World record since 1993, for catching and releasing the biggest Siberian Taimen ever caught, 92 lb. 8 oz. on 16-lb. test line.

On Siberia Expeditions' trips 6 World records IGFA were set. Our equipment, lodging,hotels, meals and guides are the best available, and we, Siberia Expeditions, are committed to make your trip with us the greatest adventure of a lifetime.

Our philosophy

We like clear, mountain rivers with plenty of fish. We fish in places that many regard as extreme, and that demand a certain amount of effort to reach. Most of our trips are fly-in, fly-out. It also means bigger fish. Less expensive are fly-in, drive-out trips.

Over the years we have been investing money into our log base camps on our favorite rivers. Each of them features big house (sleep 10), banya, dining area and barns. They are equipped with wooden beds, gas stoves, tables, kitchen utensils and are located at the very best fishing spots.

We are constantly on the lookout for the new places to fish, tougher adventures and bigger challenges. For our trips we hire MI-8 helicopter with best chopper drivers imaginable, who have been working with us for a long time.

Regardless of your own medical insurance, Siberia Expeditions provides medical insurance (25 000$ worth) per each client, that is included into the trip package.

We have several GPS units and powerful satellite phone. All of our clients are granted 5 minutes free to call home from the river.

On our trips we do all the cooking ourselves, and our clients are calling our trips "fishermen's paradise, complete with gourmet foods". We make pancakes, pelmeni, cabbage rolls, stuffed peppers, beef/pork stews, Oriental salads, and hearty soups. We take plenty of fresh meat, sturgeon, smoked salmon, lots of cheese and sausage in our ice chests, green tea, coffee, cookies and chocolate, so the cooking is exceptional, as well as the fishing.

Catch and release

Taimen is a catch and release species. Large Taimen grow very slowly and could be 60-80 years old. Some of the other species (lenok, grayling, salmon) will be kept on a limited basis for camp specialty dishes.

Group size

The best group size is 6-8 people. The group size is limited due to safety reasons per weight restrictions of the helicopters. Parties of less then 6 will be teamed up with other smaller parties to complete a fishing group.

Upon request, smaller group sizes can be arranged at an additional per person charge.

The fishing

Anui river rafting/fishing trip
Fly-in/Drive-out option

Anui river, a tributary of the giant Amur, flows out of Sikhote-Alin mountains, east of Khabarovsk. It is a wild, clear, free-flowing mountain river,surrounded by virgin forests of birch, oak, larch and Korean pine. Gravely bottomed, with wadable stretches, that are perfect for fly fishing, the Anui has Taimen up to 100 lb., with 20-30 lb. the average range. Huge lenok (30-35 inches) and fat Amur grayling are abundant, presenting real Record book opportunities for ambitious anglers.

Anui river itinerary

Day 1 Arrive Khabarovsk, to hotel "Mar-Cuel" (****), welcome dinner.
Day 2 Breakfast at hotel, re-pack for river, transfer to the airport, helicopter to put-in (1 hour 30 minutes flying time), inflate rafts. Lunch. Float to our log base camp. Dinner. Banya. Overnight.
Day 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 Raft and fish, camping in tents on gravel bars
Day 10, 11 Fishing for Taimen with motorboats down river, staying in cabin and/or tents.
Day 12 Bus pick-up from the river. Transfer to our new Khor river base camp. Banya, dinner, overnight.
Day 13 Breakfast early. Drive to Wildlife Refuge (15 km from camp). Watching Amur tigers, lynx, brown / Himalayan bears, raccoon dogs, fox and deer. Drive to Khabarovsk (130 km). To hotel, lunch.
Sight-seeing, Amber room shopping. Museum of Natural History. Farewell dinner.
Day 14 Breakfast at hotel. Transfer to the International Terminal of Khabarovsk airport. Flight back home.

Tugur river fishing / rafting trip
Fly-in/Fly-out trip

In the past years we have caught and released 5 largest Taimen (all existing IGFA line class and all-tackle records). These fish were all taken on Tugur river system.

A very remote, tea-colored lowland river, located 4 hours by helicopter west of Khabarovsk. It's for truly serious World record seeking anglers only, as this is the expedition for Taimen true believers.

Besides the obvious record book opportunities for huge Taimen, Tugur also has lenok, Amur pike, grayling and chum. All expeditions feature a trip finale at Siberia Expeditions' base camp, complete with Russian banya.

Day 1 Arrive Khabarovsk. To hotel "Mar-Cuel"(****). Welcome dinner. Re-pack river gear.
Day 2 Breakfast at hotel. Transfer to the airport. Helicopter to the river (3,5 hours flying time), set camp, inflate rafts, lunch and dinner.
Day 3,4,5,6,7 Raft and fish, camping in tents on gravel bars.
Day 8 Raft to our log base camp. Banya, dinner, overnight.
Day 9. Breakfast. Helicopter to Khabarovsk. To hotel. Time for shopping and interesting sights. Amber Room, Museum of Natural history. Farewell dinner.
Day 10 Breakfast at hotel, transfer to the International Terminal of Khabarovsk airport. Flight back home.


Terms and conditions

The right is reserved by Siberia Expeditions to cancel or alter any itinerary, as current conditions require. The company or travel agents, booking these tours will not be responsible for any expense due to delays or cancellation of transport in these packages.

Weather greatly influences when and if helicopter will fly. We will have secondary option in case of prolonged bad weather, but cannot accept responsibility for this or other acts of nature.

Should you have to spend an additional night, you will be responsible for your own hotel and meal cost. Siberia Expeditions will not assume any additional expenses.

A 50 % deposit is required to confirm a reservation. Balance is payable 60 days prior to departure. Pre-trip information will be sent upon receipt of deposit.

Prices are all inclusive Khabarovsk-Khabarovsk, and cover all meals, hotels, guides, fishing licenses, transfers, helicopters, medical insurance (25 000 $ worth), 5 minutes free satellite phone call, vodka/beer, with the exception of gifts, specific alcohol and International terminal 25$ departure tax.