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Siberia Expeditions invites you to explore the finest fishing for Taimen (Hucho Hucho) and related species on the best rivers of Khabarovsk Region.

Our company was founded by husband-wife team, Yuri and Lena Orlov, both experienced outdoors leaders with plenty of knowledge in the area, history and wildlife, 25 years of experience for two, actually. We guide the trips exclusively ourselves, which means unmatched quality in preparation of the trip, and some incredible meals, cooked by Yuri and Lena on the river.

We have traveled down our best rivers in good weather and in bad, with our best friends, and with strangers. Each time we raft down river, we discover something new. The camaraderie of the campfire brings out the best in everyone on our river trips. Life is good!

All of our adventures have quality and exclusiveness, that have found a place in every angler's heart who had fished with us. Check our After Action Review [AAR]

Siberia Expeditions is the only company in Russia, on which trips 6 World records IGFA were set. Yuri Orlov, President of Siberia Expeditions, holds the All-Tackle IGFA record for biggest Siberian taimen, 92 lb. 8 oz. caught with 16 lb. test line.

These nominations, which we are proud of, prove that we want a little bit extra, when it comes to exclusiveness.

Please take a minute to look at some awesome pictures of our adventures at Trophy Trek. We will be updating this part of our site often.

As the interest in fishing steadily increases-the horizon for angling is broadening also.

Welcome to Russia-your new prime Taimen destination!

We hope you will contact us by phone, fax, e-mail, or use our Online Request Form to learn more about the Taimen adventure of your life.