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"... Yuri's love for people and wildlife was one of the many things that came across so strong on my incredible visit to your wonderful land. I have read any article I can find on Siberia, the rivers and the people, since my return to Montana. It just seemed like yesterday we were watching the mist sail over Anui as we pushed off for another great day on the river. To return and see you is something I think about often."

Mike Mcintyre

"The trip to Siberia, along with great fishing, was a trip of a lifetime."

Bob Bell

"Thank you again for the nice fishing trip you arranged for us at Ussuriland. We are all very happy about it."

Pekka Jarvinen

"I express my sincere thanks for all you did during our wonderful fishing trip. You are indeed a fine couple and very well demonstrated the kindness, concern and commitment to good will, that reflect very favorable on the people of Khabarovsk Region."

Gary Tanghe

"Thank you for everything. You were very gracious hosts."

Dale Phau

"Yuri and Lena, you have Alaskan's guide Seal of Approval. All of your big productions were great!"

Rene Limeres,
"Ultimate Rivers"

"For me the trip to Ussuriland was a very exciting voyage and quite an experience. I think you did a real good job. I believe, we people of the Western world have lost so many things, which you still have, or which you have been able to preserve. It is only now I start learning a bit about your wonderful country!"

Horst Kohler