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According to the athletes Alipour interviewed, dating apps aren't the only way to connect; Tinder runs a distant third in popularity to Twitter and Instagram.

When you decide to look for love online, there are some precautions you should take.

The conversational “rituals” in my prior relationships included an endless barrage of texts and Facebook messages.

True love (and even far less than that) has always been hard to find -- but modern technology is changing the game. For Patriots star Rob Gronkowski, who tried Tinder four years ago just for laughs, that meant using the right screen name ("chickmagnet4life") and having a sense of humor. "I'm really shy, and Twitter is a low-pressure way to connect."3. From the "DM fail" to "the screenshot," athletes know that one wrong move on social media could land them a place in internet infamy.4. It's one way athletes protect themselves from catfishing.5.

Have your first date in a public place and consider taking a friend along for back up.

If you do go it alone tell someone in advance where you are going and who you are meeting.

Finally he texts you that evening with a line so short and late it must have been an afterthought: “What’s up?

” For most of us dating today, it’s likely that this thoroughly dissatisfying dating scenario is all too familiar.

It’s Video week here at Diva Gals Daily – we’re bringing you fresh videos all week long.With the ability to take a photo any time of day and upload it almost immediately to your dating profile, you have no excuse not to have a good photo of yourself online.A photo speaks a thousand words, so make sure you have good quality images, which honestly show who you are.Anyone who has ever watched will know that it is all too easy to create a fake profile.Use tools like Skype and ask for identification if necessary as part of the pre-date process. Communication is key to ensure that users who meet up do so with the same expected outcome in mind.

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