Windows xp wireless wep validating identity

This only arose when I added a WEP Password to my WAG160N (in order to prevent my friendly locals - who've all become far too accustomed to using my wireless - from using all my bandwidth.) I've checked previous threads and google searches, all of which tell me I need to check/uncheck some box within Wireless Connection Properties that states, "Enable IEEE 802.1x authentication for this network." I have checked everywhere and this option does not exist to my knowledge!My Wireless Connection Properties section gives three tabs, "General / Wireless Networks / Advanced." Even if I click properties, configure or anything else I cannot find this IEEE 802.1 thingy option anywhere.If you are telling me that you are using WPA with a shared key on your router, then you are using WPA - Personal. You want to make sure you are using that option on your computer. You do not want to make sure you are not using WPA-EAP. This version requires a certificate server and a matching certificate on yout computer to connect to the wireless.It looks like you are using WPA-EAP on your computer.

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Select your encryption type from the "Network Authentication" and "Data Encryption" drop downs.

Also, sometimes WEP isn't the best option - have you tried WPA settings?

Some say WPA2 with AES set as the algorithm is best. I set the password bit using my laptop via webpage/default IP on - and I got the initial advice on how to do so from the ' Ask Linksys' website. I'll give the WPA2 with AES option a razz when I get home this evening.

If your network is Encrypted go on to step 6 otherwise Click ok and try to connect to your network again.

In this window make sure you are in the "Association" tab.

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