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Michelle, who'd graduated from Harvard Law herself in 1988, felt annoyed by all the chattering.Why were people surprised that a black man might be articulate and capable? His name struck her as odd, as did the fact that he had grown up in Hawaii.She assumed he would be "strange and overly intellectual" and that she would almost certainly dislike him."He sounded too good to be true," she told David Mendell, author of "Obama: From Promise to Power." "I had dated a lot of brothers who had this kind of reputation coming in, so I figured he was one of these smooth brothers who could talk straight and impress people.Soon—all too soon—we’ll have to bid Michelle Obama farewell, at least in her role as the poised, elegant, and totally inspirational First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS if you’re nasty).But before we do so, let’s not forget her scores of achievements—launching Let’s Move!to address childhood obesity; passing a program to provide free and reduced-price meals to low-income kids; launching the Reach Higher Initiative, to encourage teens to educate themselves past high school; and the list goes on.

’" “That’s the advice I would give to women: Don’t look at the bankbook or the title. The "it’s what’s inside that counts" message is sweet enough, if not exactly original, and is no doubt meant to give us all hope.She met Barack Obama when she was a 25-year-old lawyer at a corporate law firm, having just left Harvard Law School."I always knew Michelle was special and would make a difference in the world," said Mr Upchurch.The public’s introduction to the couple came on the campaign trail in 2007, but the Obamas’ story began nearly two decades earlier when Michelle Robinson was assigned to mentor Barack Obama at the Chicago law firm Sidley & Austin."Michelle and I really liked each other, but you know how some high school boys are," he told the magazine."We're not ready to be responsible and we screw up. At that point, I just didn't take my life or my future seriously." "But Michelle knew what she wanted, and after graduation she was off to Princeton. I wished the best for Michelle because she's always been a wonderful person." Mrs Obama's siblings have said that their parents taught them to have high standards.Craig Robinson, her brother, has said he used to vet the boys she dated but stressed that she never had too many long-term boyfriends.

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