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He was arguing that American parents were at fault for homophobia by forcing their children to be sexually repressed.

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It will help law enforcement agencies to recognize and/or deter millions of potential perpetrators.Williams is the founding editor of the International Gay and Lesbian Review, “the first academic journal to be published entirely on the Internet...Williams’ bio in Spirit of the Pacific states that Williams founded ONE National Gay and Lesbian Archives, which is “the world’s largest collection of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender materials.” The bio also states that Williams is the co-founder and chair of the Committee on Lesbian and Gay History for the American Historical Association and that he is an officer of the Society of Lesbian and Gay Anthropologists. Williams' routine focused on claiming that homophobia was an American capitalist invention and "proving" it by claiming that it didn't exist in Asia.A former USC professor of gender and sexuality studies, who used to lived in Palm Springs and was once among the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted fugitives, pleaded guilty Friday to flying to the Philippines to have sex with underage boys he met online, a conviction expected to land him in prison for five years. Williams taught anthropology, gender studies and history at USC for about 20 years until his resignation in February 2011.In exchange for his plea, federal prosecutors have agreed to recommend a prison sentence of no more than five years, 10 years of supervised release, lifetime registration as a sex offender and ,000 in restitution to be divided between seven victims. Under the guise of academic research, he traveled in the Philippines and elsewhere in Southeast Asia to have sex with underage boys, according to the FBI, which reported having identified 10 victims between ages 9 and 17.

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