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YOU DONT SEE IT, BUT OTHER PEOPLE CAN SEE IT, AS IF THESE WERE A PUBLICATION THAT YOU MADE! We’ve yet to encounter any verified account of “hackers” having surreptitiously inserted “invisible” risqué films into the Facebook accounts of innocent users, posts which those users cannot see but are visible to their friends.

ALSO, THEY’RE SENDING INBOX MSGS TO YOUR FRIENDS ASKING YOU TO CLICK A LINK. SO IF YOU RECEIVE SOMETHING FROM ME ABOUT A VIDEO OR A STRANGE INBOX MESSAGE, IT’S NOT ME! Sometimes images that appears to be links to pornographic videos show up in compromised Facebook accounts, but those posts are clearly visible to the account owners.

Folks who are therefore using social networking sites prudently should not fear they’re about to unknowingly begin issuing porn video come-ons to their friends and family.

In an incident completely separate and unrelated to the two-months-earlier warnings cited above, in mid-November 2011 Facebook users began to report a rash of pornographic pictures (and other disturbing images) showing up across the social networking site.

Create the respectful work environment your employees deserve, and the law demands. YOU DON´T SEE IT, BUT OTHER PEOPLE CAN SEE IT, AS IF THESE WERE A PUBLICATION THAT YOU MADE! In September 2011, warnings about hackers invading the accounts of Facebook users to post pornographic movies on their walls without their knowledge began circulating in e-mail and on social networking sites. POST THIS TO YOUR WALL FOR YOUR FRIENDS ATTENTION: THE HACKERS ALREADY ENTERED IN FACEBOOK & THEY ARE PUTTING PORNOGRAPHIC VIDEOS TO YOUR NAME IN THE WALLS OR PROFILES OF YOUR FRIENDS WITHOUT YOU KNOWING IT.Cock sucking nerdy babes ready for the full action in the best collection of such amazing niche.Rihanna look alike babes in the mood to provide some of the finest fuck scenes on cam.

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