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Still, I think this gives you a ballpark of flash fiction and micro fiction readers based on number of visitors. Does it tell you whether the fiction the journal has published is any good? Does it tell you whether they have good graphic design, or excellent editorial skills, or whether the magazine will endure? Also, remember that some of these journals provide other material — longer fiction pieces, nonfiction, interviews — and that some percentage of the visitors might be looking at that rather than the flash fiction.The United Dance Company is working to create an inclusive dance company for children with disabilities at the University of Northern Iowa.UNI students are paired with K-12 students, both with and without disabilities, and come together every week to dance, improve confidence, and boost self-esteem. “We want people to know that having a disability does not define who you are,” says Bethany Piotter, founder and president of the dance company.I’d known about 3 AM Magazine since 2009, but I never knew they got so much traffic.

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To promote and support seniors who enjoy going to the theater. Watch Video Home-bound elderly receive a glossy package of art work from the museum’s exhibitions and call in to access the accompanying lecture through a teleconferencing system all to keep home-bound elderly involved in artistic activities. Senior art workshops providing the full experience of visiting museums, discussing artwork, and creating their own artistic forms of expression.

The art program aims to keep elderly who are in adult day care involved in artistic activities. Seniors receive customized visual and performing arts activity training at assisted living, residential communities, adult day care and other senior sites. Senior stand up comedy is performed by senior comics for senior audiences.

Senior art classes are also offered to home bound seniors at their place of residence. Watch Video A senior art appreciation program for older adults sponsored by the Museum of Photographic Arts to generate art dialogue and artistic activities among older adults and to teach art appreciation. To encourage seniors to explore all art and entertainment forms.

“I am not ashamed of an experience that happened to me and neither should others be.

Our stories and our struggles make us uniquely who we are, but too often, out of shame or fear, we silence the very narrative that is the foundation of our strength.

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