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After doing that, you have your Windows Media Player Installer.

Install a program like Win RAR and then right click on the WMP installer and click on ‘Extract To’.

Contrary to other releases and downloads which required Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool verification of genuine copy of Windows, when you click on download link on Windows Media Player homepage to download WMP11, you will be directed to Microsoft Windows Media Player Download page that allows all users to download WMP 11 directly, without going through any genuine Windows validation test.

Beside, users can also download Widows Media Player 11 via Microsoft Download Center The direct download link for WMP11 is as below: Windows Media Player 11 for Windows XP SP2 (x86 32-bit) Windows Media Player 11 for Windows XP SP2 (x64 64-bit)Although no WGA validation is required when download the WMP11 installer setup file, however, there is WGA validation process embedded during the installation setup process which will validate your copy of Windows OS, and you will need some tricks or cracks or hacks to get around the validation check to install WMP11, if the validation failed to validate your Windows as genuine and legal.

A feature that's very similar to those that can be found in one of the most popular media players for Windows PC, Winamp.

Although it's not the only option to adapt the user interface to your own liking because during the installation process you can control what you install so that you can decide what menu bars you want to appear on the GUI. For the most recent versions of Microsoft's OS you can use WMP 12, adapted to the features of 7, 8.1, and 10.

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Still having trouble downloading Windows Media Player?? Download Windows Media Player 11 here without any WGA validation requests.

It offers great new ways to store and enjoy all your music, video and pictures along with its new cool look.Now open the new wmp11 folder that appears, not the original The folder will look like this (the important files are circled): You need to replace Legit Lib with the cracked one.Tricks Machine is recommending to use the genuine validation by Microsoft.If you’re having problem with genuine windows validation then purchase a new license.

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