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And if you want to participate as a student, now is the time to discuss everything, again using the mailing list. CFF2 support and Open Type variation font handling is now complete; the auto-hinter now understands 25 more scripts, for example N'Ko and Tifinagh.

See here for a list of changes; noteworthy bug fixes are the handling of True Type fonts: unhinted loading didn't work as expected, and the light auto-hinter used incorrect metrics. The most important news is preliminary support of Adobe's new CFF2 font format and variation fonts as specified in the new Open Type specification version 1.8.

The process is easier and more streamlined on Mac OS X. Font Book can be accessed within the Applications folder, or simply type it into Spotlight to find it.

Double click the or file, and the Font Book application should automatically open.

Some distributions also propose a graphical tool allowing to install fonts from third-party without bothering about the specifics. As a result you get much better font rendering with real antialiasing, support for bidirectional text and various scripts.

After copying the fonts there, you should run fc-cache to regenerate the fonts cache.

If fonts have duplicate names, Mac OS X uses fonts—without regard to font format—from the following locations in the order listed: To use Post Script fonts in Mac OS X, install the bitmap (screen), or the suitcase containing the bitmap fonts, and outline (printer) fonts to the same folder. The outline files use a shortened, Post Script version of the font name [for example, "Isabe" for the Isabella font].) If an outline font file isn't installed, the font can print incorrectly.

If the bitmap font file isn't installed, the font isn't available in the font menu.

ATM prevents fonts from appearing jagged onscreen and therefore helps Post Script fonts print more smoothly on non Post Script printers when running applications in Classic mode.

You can download a free version of ATM Light 4.6 from the Adobe website.

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