Trend scanmail not updating

Note: The Search and Destroy feature only provides support for mailboxservers running Exchange 2013 and Exchange 2010 Service Pack 1or above.

To use the Search and Destroy feature in Scan Mail 11.0, manually add auser to the Search & Destroy Administrator or Operator group using Access Control(Administration 1.

You are looking to install Trend scanmail for exchange on your system.

Search & Destroy Operators can search mailboxes, viewresults, and export data, but cannot delete any messages.

This guide will show you how to installing order to Install "Only" Trend Micro 11.0 on Exchange 2013 server You will have to make sure that before you install Trend Micro you have enough resources on the mail servers or Edge servers depending on where you are intending to install it.

Prerequisites: If you did not install CGI you will get the following error, so you must install it To install it you will need to go to Add Roles and then choose and install it.

Scan Mail provides the capability to not take actions on password-protected Office files.

To skip actions on password-protected Office files, add thefollowing registry key:* Path: HKLMSOFTWARETrend Micro Scan Mail for Exchange Current Version* Key: Bypass Password Protected Office Files* Type: REG_DWORD* Data value: 1 Note: After adding the registry key, restart the “Scan Mail for Microsoft Exchange Master Service” to activate theconfiguration settings. The version of Scan Mail supports searching for activedirectory (AD) accounts using the “user logon name(pre-Windows 2000)” criterion. This version of Scan Mail raises the limit for the maximum emailbody size and maximum attachment size that the Scan Mail Security Risk Scan filter can scan, from 30 MB to 99 MB.

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