Top 10 intimidating songs

But they found time between those cartoonishly punk activities for a sweetly yearning ode to puppy-dog love. It’s sexy because it reminds us of our secret adolescent sexual feelings; of the smell of Old Spice and hairspray, and not quite understanding how sex works, but knowing that it was sort of like slow dancing but nakeder and that we wanted it. The Ramones, “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend” (1976) The Ramones wanted to do many things: sniff glue, be sedated, get shock treatment. Aaliyah, “Are You That Somebody” (1998) Aaliyah’s smooth-as-silk breathy whisper-singing and Timbaland’s sexy beats keep this song firmly in the sexy pantheon. And as far as louche pickup lines go, there’s no better verse than “We could go and get 40s / Fuck going to that party / Oh really, your folks are away now? It’s easier to explain away bizarre visuals, but much harder to explain away what you’ve heard.That’s why music is such a powerful tool when it comes to setting an appropriate mood, in horror and otherwise.You don’t usually achieve the star power that the elite starters and position players too, but you get decent pay and a sort of silent respect for a role that isn’t particularly physically demanding–only about 1/3 the innings of a rotation regular, but now with up to eight-digit salary potential (Gagne, ferchrissakes!) It’s easier the easiest or the hardest job on the team, depending on your definition of the words “easy” and “hard,” but for an inning every three games or so, you’re .A haunting melody, however, lingers with you long after you scramble to turn down the volume.

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Hitters can have walk-on music too, but it only plays for like ten seconds at the most, and you’re sick of hearing those ten seconds on repeat it by the end of the game.

Getting pumped up for a sporting event, however, involves an entirely different kind of energy. You gotta get your game face on because you’re not looking to impress, your goal is intimidation and victory. Here is a list of songs to hurtle you toward that fearsome intensity that you’ll be needing to cheer your team on to victory!

The other team needs to know you are serious about winning. In order to properly prepare for something as important as the Super Bowl, you need to get a little crazy.

Closers, on the other hand, can get an entire middle of the inning for their walk-on music, while at the very peak of the game’s drama, every set of eyes in the stadium squared on your entrance from the outfield, watching you walk to the mound deliberately, head down, hat down, single purpose in mind.

For one half an inning, you are the biggest badass on the planet. So what goes into a good closer walk-on soundtrack?

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