Students dating and penpals sites

We invite your participation and/or information about items of mutual interest.

Your ideas for programs and social events are always welcome.

Some penpal/dating sites collect your personal information to use them for illegal business practice, such as sending you spam mails, wrong claims, and fake bills. Japanese Transcontinental Network collects no personal information about you when you visit our website unless you choose to provide that information to us.

We use personally identifying information from the public to further improve our programs and for no other purpose.

You can search and contact Japanese and other people in the world in this page, and also place yourself on bbs so other people will be able to find you. All messages on our bbs are REAL messages from Japanese people.

Many penpal/dating sites show members fake messages or introducing non-Japanese people.

To meet the wide range of interests of its members, the group sponsors social events that are planned by our members on a volunteer basis.

Whether you are looking for snail mail pen pals worldwide or more locally see below on how to find new snail mail pen pals online and make the most of the benefits offered by our international online service.

- If you are, you've probably already heard of the word snail mail pen pals or maybe you have already experienced corresponding with someone living hundreds or even thousands of miles away from your home.

If you would just like to get started right away you can register to find snail mail pen pals online now.

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