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, we are left to find Ian Somerhalder and Kat Graham dead.

With the premiere of season 6 on the horizon, the CW Network has finally released the promo poster and we are in disbelief! Just because Damon suddenly "passed away" last season doesn't mean you can move on just like that! But things are getting a bit strange because in the poster, Bonnie is holding on to Damon and those two CANNOT stand each other!

" The gray area is what we were trying to go for thematically.

We wanted to pay attention to Damon's backstory and deepen his history on the show. That also helps us connect him to Elena's college world.

Does she imagine Elena reuniting with Stefan (Paul Wesley) when all is said and done? Though the interview took place nearly a year before she announced plans to leave the show, Dobrev’s answer sheds some light on her vision for her character.

When People’s Choice caught up with Dobrev at Paley Fest last March, we asked her to weigh in on the show’s central love triangle.

You have to believe in him and be able to justify his backstory to even love him.

A lot of it for Elena is meant to be this gray area: "Am I changing because of my boyfriend or can I find a way to bring the light out of him?

PHOTOS: ' The Originals' Bloody Character Posters Debut In a chat with previewing the fall finale, executive producer Caroline Dries discusses Elena's sticky situation, Damon and Elena's shaky future and pairing up Katherine and Stefan.

What is the overarching theme for the fifth season that has helped shape the arcs?

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