Steam keeps validating my game files

i've renamed the twice, but it still wont move past 100%.Well, After a reformat last week, I reloaded Steam and all of my games from my backups.. GCF files in "c:\program files\steam\Steam Apps" are your actual installed games in compressed format.The Acorn helmet is actually VERY fitting since it's natural shape is used.Also it is used for it's quality to withstand blows.I was wrong, though, since the validation found no problems with the installation and the game continued to not launch from the same error.I'm curious as to what exactly the verify option does.

If its different in any way it replaces or adds on any files.But when I go to launch the game, be it Portal, TF2.. These are what your download off steam when u buy a game online.Whatever, I get a Validation box pop, which promptly hits 100% and then gets stuck. You can copy someone elses over or keep just them if reinstalling.4) Quit Steam 5) Open the backup directory and run 'Steamapp.exe' to reinstall the backup. I realize that many times when there is an issue with a game on Steam, it can be solved with "Verify Integrity of Game Cache". I tried running Darksiders and it gave me an error of "Missing Executable", so I figured the verify would easily catch that and install the missing files.

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