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So I came up with the idea of posting songs and or poetry that give advice and or inspire regarding that thang called love. But for what it's worth, this is probably the most haunting love poem I've ever read: -- , by Anthony Hecht I have been wondering What you are thinking about, and by now suppose It is certainly not me.But the crocus is up, and the lark, and the blundering Blood knows what it knows.I thought about how many women had been in my position, waiting for a man to leave his wife.As the lover you get the edited highlights of a marriage: the laughter, the smiles, the sex. But what we lacked was emotional closeness — that lovely sense of wasting time together and the accompanying feeling of certainty. And I’ve made myself a promise: in my next relationship, I want Sunday nights and Monday mornings together, and all the boring minutiae of daily life that couples take for granted. it's actually pretty much the exact same song as Jesse's girl.I'm surprised there wasn't a Ric Ocasik vs. Last night I had a dream that we went to Disneyland, Went on all the rides, didn't have to wait in line.

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But even through the music, I could feel things starting to fall apart.

A car pulls up outside and warrants his cursory glance. The couple in the car comes inside and he follows their every move. He stares for a moment, then snatches his hands back from the table. But it still stings just as much as the first time we ran into a relative of his and I had to “hide behind the oranges” in the grocery store. We knew each other inside and out, our lives so intertwined we were hard to tell apart. 7 GIANT Clues Your Relationship Is Doomed But I didn’t count on the pitfalls of this type of relationship. I was jealous and angry and crazily in love, and at times, so hurt I could barely stand. He would tell me grand stories about how we’d be together full-time someday. A small part of me believed him, but the rest of me knew better. We had such an intense connection that I was convinced living without him would be so much worse than enduring the agony of sharing my man. Our love for each other stayed strong, but the relationship had collapsed.

The divot in his ring finger catches the light, reminding me of the torture I so often hide when we’re together. Like most everything else in my life, our relationship became punctuated by song lyrics I felt described our situation. I knew what I had to do, as much as I tried to ignore it. The chill had left the air and incoming Spring filled me with the power and motivation to do the hardest thing I knew I needed to do. We spoke sparingly over the next few days and it eventually faded to no communication.

my friend really cares for someone who really cares for him but she's in a relationship she'd been in before my friend came around.

Do you guys know any songs that might hit home with this? The Cars - My Best Friend's Girlthe title pretty much says it all...

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