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In recent months, other celebrity teens have been criticized in the media for running with what has been described by some in society to be a ‘dangerous cult’ along the West Coast.

Osho, which is also known as the Rajneesh Movement, has been catching the eyes of young Hollywood stars.

Found on social media sources like Instagram and Facebook, are pictures of the teens clearly indicating that they have their attention on the cult.

The constant chronicling of the Kardashian-Jenner clan drama is one thing, but there is another issue that is also intriguing.

Speculation and circumstantial evidence may point to the possibility that Kylie Jenner could be running with a cult.

The FBI has his name now and for that matter, so do a couple of my American Indian combat veteran friends and residents in South Dakota.

So I will continue on exposing what evil spirits like him represent in the realms of time.

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