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It reunites him with lyricist Don Black and writer Christopher Hampton for the first time since Sunset Boulevard and is planned to open early next year.ALW: In the last few years, everything seems to have gone slightly away from music and more towards the comedy musicals, the Hairsprays and the Book of Mormons.That being said, we can probably deduce that trashed hotel rooms come from rockstars just living up to rockstar stereotypes.3.They Have Healthy Hearts In keeping with the "awesome in bed" theme, singers tend to have healthier hearts than the rest of us, because singing is actually an aerobic workout.If he can keep everyone interested and having a good time for a few hours every night, just think about how many hours of fun you can have when he's off the stage and rolling in the sheets. They're Happy Although we've all heard horror stories of bands trashing hotel rooms and struggling with depression (think the tormented Kurt Cobain here), science has actually proven that singers, especially those who sing with others, release a ton of oxytocin.Oxytocin is a chemical that "enhances feelings of trust and bonding, which may explain why still more studies have found that singing lessens feelings of depression and loneliness." Who want to be around a positive person? They're Less Stressed Singing also alters your "physical and emotional landscape" for the better, producing a calmer and less stress-ridden human being.On Easter Sunday ITV is broadcasting a 90 minute special celebrating his continuous run of hits in the West End over the past 40 years.

In July 2012, she opened up about her relationship with him."I feel like being with Craig has changed me a lot.I feel I'm a lot more calm, I haven't got an attitude any more.Here's why you need an encore performance — stat.There's a good chance that if you find yourself dating a musician at any point in your life, someone will probably tell you to prepare yourself.

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    However, Ukrainian women are not as ethnically diverse as Russian women.

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