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Bullying can happen anywhere like at school, in parks, on your way to school or in other places used by the school.

The story starts with Isaac (Joe Dinicol) pulling a bizarre prank to get him and his best friend Neal (Michael Seater) jobs at Hoss’ big-time investment firm (unpaid, of course).

2005-01-23 PDT Marrawah, Tasmania -- It's bad manners to show up for a dinner party empty handed, so when we pass a dead wallaby by the side of the road Nick Mooney hits the brakes and throws it in reverse. "They might not look like it, but they're picky eaters, those devils." After the sun goes down tonight, if all goes to plan, this well-sauced roadkill will be subjected to the famously uncouth table manners of the beast I've come 8,000 miles to view: the notorious Tasmanian devil.

"Ah, it's a good one," says the state wildlife expert, lifting the small kangaroo by its tail and swinging it into the back of his truck. Not often seen, saddled with a bad reputation in Victorian times but endlessly fascinating once you spend a little time with them, the devils are an apt mascot for this heart-shaped, Ireland-sized island south of the Australian mainland.

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