Sarah rafferty and gabriel macht dating

However, after a successful first season of “Suits” and an excellent season two (so far), Gabriel Macht is destined to become more of a household name.

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Donna's love for Harvey "waxes and wanes" and "mostly lives in her subconscious", according to Rafferty."I don't think either of them understand what kind of love they have for each other - they don't know whether it's a brother / sister thing [or something else]," she submitted.

"I think that they're confused."His feelings for Donna were apparently strong enough to bring Harvey to his knees - the once unflappable lawyer suffered from panic attacks in "It shows again that it's something that he hasn't dealt with and maybe doesn't have the tools to deal with," Rafferty said.

The silver-tongued maestro of the law is never one to lose a battle of banter, which makes him the perfect interview subject for our rapid-fire round of celebrity Q&A known as Against the Clock!

Macht has been involved in a number of intense moments during his tenure at star Rick Hoffman (aka Harvey's frenemy Louis Litt), Macht also revealed this interesting tidbit about co-star Sarah Rafferty.

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