Samsung web browser updating

Samsung Internet already has the ability to write extensions in order to block content, e.g.

blockers to prevent tracking cookies and reduce adverts.

The former content blocker, which is also available for i OS users, lowers load times for Android users by an average of 51 percent, according to the Verge.

If you are interested in producing an extension then please get in contact with us, we will be writing more about this very soon.It will also shortly be shipping with the firmware upgrade to Android N.If you currently don’t have access to it then we suggest registering for access to the Beta to get all the new features described here and more (see below).Because of the nature of software distribution through app stores, the new version of the browser is not available universally at this point.It can be found by searching for Samsung Internet in the Galaxy Apps market for Europe and USA for Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7 devices.

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