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Upir (also spelled Obir or Opir) are one of several species of vampire-type undead creatures found in the Ukraine.

In some legends they are the natural enemies of werewolves or loup garous.

Future investors will not receive a share of the proceeds if the asset's returns get realized.

Side pocket accounts are exclusively used in the hedge fund industry by hedge fund managers.

Tous les renseignements fournis pour faire les commandes ne sont utilisés que pour vous offrir une meilleure expérience d’achat en ligne.

We are helping a family that has been accumulating inventory to open a gallery/boutique in Carmichael, but decided against opening the business.

As one of institutions with the State's authorized investment, it was restructured and established by the previous AVICI and AVICII.

By the end of 2009, AVIC owned nearly 200 subsidiaries (branches) and over 20 listed companies.

In the same year, the Group applied for the first time for the Fortune Global 500 and succeeded.Using this power, however, puts a visible strain on their bodies, as they bleed from their noses each time they use it.After death by suicide, they become full upir, biologically immortal creatures with greatly enhanced strength, accelerated healing capabilities, as well as unnatural jaw flexibility, iron-strong teeth, toxic enyzmes, and a nearly insatiable, rabid appetite for blood and raw tissue.Upirs can become sick or have diseases only on the rarest of occasions, such as having a congenital heart defect, which is fatal to them.Once a human has transformed via suicide into the immortal your, they spend months or even years adapting to and controlling their thirst for blood or raw tissue.

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