Reality show dating in the dark

The format sees singletons go on a series of dates in the pitch black.

They select what they think is the best match before the lights are switched on. He said: “How will a new generation of young viewers and daters react to this classic looks vs personality dilemma?

You may have heard “love is blind,” but this summer’s latest entry into the reality television melee takes the term to a new level.

Reality shows like VH1’s Rock of Love, have already toyed with the concept, sending contestants in one episode on a dinner date in total darkness.

It’s even something a few dating services have offered, providing totally dark venues for first dates staffed with waiters wearing night vision glasses. to see if this idea lights your fire, or leaves you in the dark.

ABC’s tests contestants on the limits of their superficiality.

Each week, three single women and men meet each other in complete darkness.

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