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We here at Animefringe pride ourselves in bringing to you, the kind intelligent reader out there lounging hopefully in a comfortable chair, some of the latest and greatest in Japanese media culture.

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Biomega Birdy the Mighty Bitter Virgin Black Blood Brothers Black Cat Black Jack Black Lagoon Blade of the Immortal Blame! Canaan Candy Candy Cantarella Canvas Captain Tsubasa Card Captor Sakura Case Closed Casshan: Robot Hunter Castle in the Sky Cat Girl Nuku Nuku Cat Street Ceres: Celestial Legend Chance! Honey and Clover Honey Comb Hoshi wa Utau Hot Gimmick Howl's Moving Castle Hungry Heart Wild Striker Hunter X Hunter Hurricane Polymar Hyper Police I I'm Gonna Be An Angel! Strawberry Eggs Ichigo 100Ichigo Mashimaro Idolmaster: Xenoglossia Ikki Tousen Il Gatto Sul GImadoki Immortal Rain Initial DInnocent Venus Interstella 5555Inukami!We do work around the clock to sift through lots of totally boring and predictable anime, manga, cinema, and television in order to provide information on some of the really exciting stuff coming out of Japan.A useful service to be true, considering the vast amount of media being imported from Japan everyday. Don't get me wrong, I love , etc) as much as the next guy, but sometimes I get a little nostalgic for something classic (read: old).So, sometime, mostly always, school over rules fics. The story follows his purchase by Sesshoumaru, and his efforts to escape slavery by becoming a... After winning his freedom, he becomes Sesshoumaru's General. After a traumatic start to his summer at Privet Drive, Harry snaps. Harry is forced to become Voldemort’s Slave Love, the most powerful force on earth. Vendo Diligo, the most potent love potion that exists. Now, in the midst of Voldemort's second rise, Harry Potter has decided to recreate the Lament Configuration... Abound with spells, charms, incest, and kidnapping by fairies.But the best way to keep tracking of my writing and news on updates is my twitter account : DRight here: Puppetwriter They all decieved him, thinking it was the right thing to do. An unlikely ally emerges, and Harry's discovery of the true Prophecy leads him away from Dumbledore and into the darkness, ultimately culminating in a battle for his very soul. Harry Potter, the unfortunate victim subjected to all three. Written for those who believe.5 years later after the well closed off to Kagome before she could finish her mission, she is enjoying her visit at her mother's with her son Kawayou.

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