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Kosu sets your matches based on anime you like, video games you play, and anime conventions that you attend. Kosu allows their users to upload photos, link their Instagram, and have unlimited chats with other users.

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With awards for Craftsmanship and Performance, and a Just for Fun category, watch or join in on the biggest event of the day! Have an idea for a story but no idea how to get started?When you take the picture, take a second to make sure that you aren't blocking the flow of traffic.Also make sure that you aren't in front of a big window or anything that might cause glare and ruin your picture. Not everyone has the time to sew a costume, or their skills may not be good enough yet to make what they want. It depends on the convention and what dealers they have.I'm of the mindset that you can wear whatever you want to an anime convention, including costumes of Western origin. Should I bring things like a needle and thread with me? Every cosplayer should pack a "Cosplay Repair Kit" whenever they are going to a con.When you think about it, we're all just nerds in costume, so what's the big deal if you want to wear something that's not Japanese? See the article What to Pack in a Cosplay Repair Kit for a list of suggestions. How can I change in and out of my costume, and what do I do with it when I'm not wearing it? If you have a car at the convention, you can store your costume in there when you're not using it.

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