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Peru's Angela Villon hopes to make in impact in Congress as she begins the long and gruelling campaign period.

Villon is campaigning for the rights of underaged girls in the country who are forced into the sex slave industry.

In my therapy practice I provide a comfortable, safe and confidential space for my clients to get support, learn, heal and grow.

It is my experience that the best environment for emotional healing and individual growth is an environment where the individual feels a high level of trust and support.

It is my belief that people have the capacity to change their thoughts, feelings, and behavior.

I see my role as helping you discover your strengths, change limiting thoughts, find solutions, feel better, and live more effectively in all areas of your life.""I utilize a Full Spectrum Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach to assist people with healing, enrichment, change, and transformation.

The 51-year old said that her running for a bid in Peru's congress would be "historical." The Guardian reports that Villon believes that representing the voiceless in Peru is monumental and it is highly overdue.Angela Villón, a Peruvian sex worker, has been very active of late trying to snatch a seat in the country’s congress.A native of Lima, Villón is running for El Frente Amplio, a coalition of leftist parties and movements, in Peru’s general and legislative elections this month.Stress can also interfere with our ability to function in relationships by inhibiting our ability to process emotions.By working with a counselor you are taking the first important step in overcoming your challenges.

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