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Indian cricket star Sachin Tendulkar is going all guns for the promotion of his biographical drama - Sachin: A Billion Dreams, and he will be soon seen on a Marathi chat show, along with his wife Anjali.Sachin, along with his wife , will indulge in a light hearted conversation on the Marathi talk show Chala Have Yeu Dya.I am a 34-year-old man and have been married for the past five years. The natural way to get your wife pregnant is through penetrative sex, where you deposit your sperm in her vagina, by ejaculating inside it.My wife and I want to have a child as soon as possible, but whenever I ejaculate inside her, the semen comes flowing out of her vagina after some time. But, what you do have to understand is that your semen has about 66 million sperm in it, and all your wife needs to become pregnant is one sperm to meet and fertilise the single egg released in her uterus. Use sex positions that help in deeper penetration: While having sex in any position is great for conception, there are some that make it easier.It is but natural for the excess semen to trickle out of her vagina and it will not cause any hindrance in her ability to get pregnant. These positions help deepen penetration and will help your wife orgasm — helping her conceive.That being said, there are a few things that can help your wife conceive quickly. Make her orgasm: When your wife orgasms and you ejaculate inside her, the contractions in her uterus help your sperm travel to her uterus where the egg (ovum) is waiting to be fertilised. Here are the eight best sex positions to get pregnant faster. Have more frequent sex, especially when she is ovulating: Having sex regularly and frequently help increase your wife’s chances of conception.To do this, she can raise her legs from her hips and rest it on a few pillows or even against the wall and stay in that position for about 15 minutes after sex.This helps keep your semen in longer and the inverted position helps give your sperm a little helping hand.

Says psychotherapist Rachel Hercman, ‘The feelings of sexual failure are very powerful for many women and they can cause a woman to question her sense of who she is as a person and as a partner.

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Though she’s on medication, I wanted to know how I can emotionally help her deal with it. Many women suffer from low libido due to several reasons including stress and hormonal imbalances.

This not only affects the woman but her relationship as well and she often blames herself for the dysfunction.

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