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online place to showcase your unique personal brand and attract like-minded recruiters, peers, and industry connections.In short: a well-crafted Linked In profile can help your dream job find you. Which means have a chance to stand out and be emergent. At the core, Linked In is just another search engine.If you’re concerned about updating Linked In for fear of revealing your intentions, try using these strategies for leveraging the site for an effective job search – without giving yourself away: If you’ve followed advice on building an effective Linked In strategy, then you know that a well-written and keyword-optimized Profile will reap the best benefits during your job search.However, just because you’ve created the information, you don’t have to update it all at once!

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Use a high quality photo, but don’t be afraid to let it reflect your whole self. SHARE YOUR VALUES IN YOUR “SUMMARY” The summary on your Linked In profile is gold.This is your space to differentiate yourself, paint the picture of who you are in the world, and describe the legacy you are creating.A Whole Self – A priority on people as complete selves – not just your work self, but your whole self – including the messy stuff and the polished stuff, even when it’s uncomfortable.The more you put in, the more you'll get out of it.Here are 22 top tips to effectively boost your Linked In profile.

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