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As she went to board her flight to the French capital, Ms Bose was pulled over by security officers after they scanned her carry-on bag.She claims she had packed her breast pump inside the bag and when the security agents found it, they didn't what the device was.

I AM 7 MONTHS AND ONLY HAVE A SMALL AMOUNT OF LEAKING ↑Well.. This is my 2nd child, Im 9 weeks pregnant and I have no milk yet...Inside your belly, your baby is about the length of a white board and weighs about 5 pounds, or the heft of a cantaloupe.Her lungs are finishing their development and her central nervous system is quite advanced.A mother says she was forced to lactate by security officials at Frankfurt airport to prove she was still breastfeeding after officers deemed her breast pump suspicious.Gayathiri Bose from Singapore, had travelled to the German airport en route to Paris but was without three-year-old toddler and seven-month-old baby.

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