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Shopping in Shimoni: Besides gift shops in and around the Shimoni's tourist attractions, shops such as Shikoo's Shop, located along the main road, offer excellent quality kikois, paintings, bags, and dresses Currently, Shimoni, while rural, still has access to electricity and wireless internet (which is not free).

While there are no banks or ATMs in Shimoni, there are four M-PESA agents along the main roads and one post office.

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However, the majority of the population still relies heavily upon traditional fishing, subsistence farming, and exploiting forest resources.

We do this through education, outreach, and by developing science-based solutions to guide conservation actions for the benefit of nature and human welfare. Participants were from a range of backgrounds, and included conservancy and ranch managers, rangers, veterinarians and students of biology and environmental sciences. Matthew Mutinda examines a blood smear prepared by a course participant under a microscope.

A Living Laboratory From 16-18 March, Mpala hosted a three-day course that aimed to provide theoretical and practical training in livestock and wildlife health and explore applications of this knowledge to agriculture, wildlife conservation and human communities.

Participants attended morning lectures and afternoon practical sessions, which were both coordinated by veterinarian Professor John Cooper and wildlife lawyer Mrs. Participants were familiarized with different field techniques and with clinical and post-mortem examinations, and received a packet of reference materials to take home with them.

: Professor John Cooper introduces equipment that participants can expect to use while in the field.

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