Jo and slade still dating

They probably started screwing while Jo and Slade where ‘trying to work things out’ I bet. I remember when I wrote the recap for that episode where Gretchen is invited by Jo to be in her music video Slimey was already flirty with her you could see it in their body language he was all cozying up to her.

Jo found out that Gretchie and Slimey where bumping fuglies through Jay Photoglou who told her back around the time, when Slade got arrested at Gretchen’s house when all that hoopla was going on and Gretchen was sleeping with Slade and dumping Jay for Slade.

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Jo De La Rosa is a former housewife from seasons 1 and 2 ex-fiancee of Slade Slimey back when he was pretending to have money, and who later starred in a failed TV show called Date My Ex; where men competed with each other to date Jo and Slimey had to approve of them while they all stayed at Slimey's pretend house that Bravo rented for them.

Jo is still pretending to be a singer and says she has an exciting glamorous life and dating a younger man.

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When they broke up, Smiley began dating Lauri Peterson before she met George.These days, Rossi has a message for her haters, who continue to spew hate at her and Smiley.“This is how I feel towards all the haters that love to tear me down……I work hard everyday to make my dreams happen!However, Slade Smiley may feel that he is the one winning.He has been dating Rossi for years, and they have talked marriage and babies.

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