George clooney and renee zellweger dating speed dating in phoenix az

Crowe was finishing his screenplay for Jerry Mc Guire, and needed an appealing but affordable actress to fall for Tom Cruise; thus Zellweger was cast.

Zellweger was nominated for an Oscar for Bridget Jones' Diary in 2001, and for the musical Chicago in 2002.

Reports of George Clooney's split from stunning Renée Zellweger seem to be gaining weight - he's been spotted on dates with his former lover.

George had ended his romance with stunning British pin-up Lisa Snowden before romancing Bridget Jones's Diary star Renée, but their love hit the rocks after his womanizing ways got to be too much.

The man definitely gets around, but then again, wouldn't you if you were George Clooney?

Her first speaking part came in 1994's Reality Bites, and she starred in The Return of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

When Olivia d'Abo got pregnant and backed out of The Whole Wide World in 1996, Zellweger stepped into the role opposite Vincent D'Onofrio, and while very few people saw that low-budget film, one of the few was writer-director Cameron Crowe.

Clooney has courted some of the most beautiful women in the world: actresses, models and yes, cocktail waitresses.

The question really is, who has he NOT dated over the years.

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