Future of online dating sites

Fewer Americans tie the knot even as gays battle state by state to be able to do so.But how they’re meeting their future mates is also changing, and fast.(Yeah...that's not creepy at all.) There is an app that matches you based on your "candy flavors." Another casts you as an anime character matching with fantasy dragons. As silly as some of these ideas might sound, we have to admit that the reason that they exist is that meeting and connecting with humans is what we do.Romeo and Juliet exchanged lovesick missives through the assistance of Friar Laurence; today there's an app for that.Last summer, a number of people forwarded me the Vanity Fair article about Tinder and the "Dating Apocalypse," a think piece loaded with dire predictions for the future of online dating culture.

e Harmony has 20 million users, about 17 million, and the list could go on.Why struggle to find someone special in a crowded bar when you can do it more easily and effectively from the comfort of your own home?The industry has grown exponentially in many Western countries.If there's one thing technology is great for, it's amplifying the patterns that are already there.Online dating simply accelerates and puts a magnifying glass on larger social dynamics.

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    Dating sites claim the ability to find you the perfect match.