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The Adult Education & Literacy Program (AEL) at Iowa Lakes Community College is a program for adult learners wishing to improve their academic skills to get their high school equivalency diplomas and/or improve their English.

It is comprised of three areas of instruction; Our goal is not only to improve each student’s academic skills but also to transition them from one educational level to the next; from ESL to ABE to HSED.

If the chicken lays an egg on a poopy nest, or soils some on it after layed, is the egg edible after wash?

Always wash eggs in water that is warmer than the egg; if you use cold water, it causes the egg to contract, which will pull bacteria into the egg.

It's Burton's first season growing vegetables for sale, having formerly worked in administration at an accounting firm."My hobby turned into something much larger when I realised I loved gardening more than accounting." There's a small stall at the farm gate on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, but the main method for city dwellers to get their hands on the freshly picked goodness is by signing up to the weekly produce email, from there customers can place their order and pick up from several locations around town.​There's a wide variety of interesting produce like scallopini squash, Easter egg radish and fennel, rarely seen on supermarket shelves.

We also analyzed cell type–specific m RNA processing and characterized genetic access to these transcriptomic types by many transgenic Cre lines.

Finally, we found that some of our transcriptomic cell types displayed specific and differential electrophysiological and axon projection properties, thereby confirming that the single-cell transcriptomic signatures can be associated with specific cellular properties.

The newest cafe in St Albans, at 95 Westminster St, is owned and run by Ying Donnithorne, who has been vegan for much of her adult life.

Donnithorne is passionate about promoting healthy eating and explains she purposefully hasn't marketed the cafe vegan as she understands that it can be off putting to some people.

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