Deeper dating

One of the things that Page posits is that you have to know yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, your needs and insecurities, before you can be ready for or find That Person. Throughout the book are a series of meditations and exercises, many requesting that you have a friend (“Learning Partner”) to help you.

This isn’t as impossible as it may seem (“No one will have time.” “I can’t talk about this.”) since they are not lengthy activities and rely on the reader to find their comfort level. As much as there’s a spirit of helping yourself, there’s also an acknowledgement of the importance of others – your tribe, your community – and how finding them is part of the process. You need people who know the best parts of you and emphasize those.

But if it is someone you feel you might be interested in, stop playing both sides of the fence ASAP.

But that would be utterly against the tone of the book.

The journey begins with letting go of most of what you’ve learned about how to “impress,” “win over,” “attract,” or “seduce” your life-mate.

Deeper Dating is as much a book for meeting your self as for meeting that right person.delves into attraction, what it is, and how to make it work for you.Attraction is a viewed as both a positive and a negative. And a lot of what Page talks about regarding attraction is recognizing negative patterns (“Deprivations”) and how attractions have worked against you in the past, always with an eye towards making a better futures.Most dating strategies instruct you to improve your “packaging” (to create a pleasing but inauthentic facade to “make” others love you), to play hard to get, or to seduce someone into a relationship.Not only do these techniques fail time and again, they also tend to amplify your attraction to exactly the wrong type of person, or increase the likelihood that you’ll repeat painful scenarios of the past.

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