Dating vs arranged marriage

Only let's face it: With our current marriage-seeking methods and mindset, the odds of relationship success seem mediocre at best. The parents meet first and then coordinate the initial introduction between their children.Extended courtship the Western way hardly guarantees lasting love. In Western arranged marriages the potential bride and groom are offered a few opportunities for conversation before they're expected to decide whether they want to commit to the marriage.Jenkins seems quick to paint the websites as little more than arranged marriages-lite, based in part on one personal encounter with a woman whose profile was written by her parents.But the fact that these matrimonial sites are so popular points to the fact that more young Indians aren't being set up for marriages by others — most of the users, says Jenkins, are urban, middle-class young Indians. There's nothing saying they have to immediately decide to marry or do so in any time frame.The Ambitious Mother and the Obliging Clergyman - a cartoon by Charles Dana Gibson caricaturing arranged marriages in early 20th century United States.A parent insists their daughter marry a man on grounds of wealth or aristocratic title, without considering the girl's wishes.

Just like our friends introduce us to someone they think is a good fit. A very nice young man made an incredibly insightful comment on my post.

These marriages among immigrants were typically arranged by parents, or relatives from the country of their origin.

As immigrants settled in and melded into a new culture, arranged marriages shifted first to quasi-arranged marriages where parents or friends made introductions and the couple met before the marriage; over time, the marriages among the descendants of these immigrants shifted to autonomous marriages driven by individual's choice, dating and courtship preferences, along with an increase in interracial marriages.

When my mother was in her late teens, her Bronx neighborhood was a close-knit community and they wanted to keep it that way.

There was a dating custom called “My Cousin, My Friend.” It’s pretty self-explanatory: I could introduce my best friend to my cousin, and her cousin could introduce his friend to me.

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