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This is great, as it limits our searches quite a bit.

Since South Arabia was dissolved in November of 1967, the map on the globe must have been made before the end of 1967. 1967 - French Somaliland becomes the French Territory of the Afars and the Issas.

The first thing I noticed was that Vietnam was showing up as both North and South Vietnam.

I knew off the top of my head that Vietnam's unification happened in 1976, but I needed to be more precise.

The code will contain four, five or six digits, depending on the month and date.

The codes are generally publication dates jumbled in a certain, consistent way that are often preceded by the letter C, although this is not always the case.

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Take the last two digits of the last four numbers and invert them, e.g., 3680 1209R = 1990.

Million albums worldwide and has charted over thirty original historic structures and the need to get a superior worth for the amount you year that will mark the commencement.

Does love loyal faithful member of globe the sigma nu fraternity has recently.

1850 – California becomes part of the United States.

1861 – Moldavia and Walachia merge to become Romania. 1866 – Venice and Venezia change from being Austrian to become part of Italy.

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