Dating milestones 1 year

By 18 months, he can say at least several single words, and by 24 months he uses words in short phrases and sentences.

He quickly picks up new words from the books you read aloud to him and from hearing everyday conversations.

To avoid this type of “revolving door relationship” the following 8 relationship milestones shouldn’t all be achieved closely together, but instead crossed off at the appropriate times.

These challenges are never easy, but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel: if you pass all the challenges, it may be the proof you need that you’re in the loving arms of “the one”.

As you learn what milestones your toddler is likely to master this year, keep in mind that this is only a guideline. There's a wide range of what's considered normal, and you probably don't need to be concerned unless you notice one of the red flags described below.

In his second year, your toddler will grow confident on his feet: Those first wobbly steps set him on course to walk by himself, go up and down stairs, stand on his tiptoes, kick a ball, and maybe even run by the time he turns 2.

Eventually, the honeymoon phase wears off and you get to experience how your partner acts during an argument.

You’re watching for key red flags such as a violent temper, lack of listening skills or a complete disregard for your side of the story.

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When you rush into a relationship, you’ll often find that you’re ultimately heading out the door just as fast – if not faster – than the speed you came in.Think once you've locked lips with a new flame it will all soon become old hat?Rest assured - you still have some pretty major milestones left to navigate. That’s you saying you’re happy to spend 100 nights in together. Dipping your toe into one episode of over 100 whilst you’re sprawled on the sofa make-up free and in your comfies.

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