Dating m1 garand stocks

Its site in south-western Massachusetts was chosen for its advantages in power, transport, and defense.

It was on the Connecticut River, providing both transportation and power for manufacturing. Meanwhile, it was far enough up the river to be safe from naval attack.

This article should not be used as a replacement for a safety inspection by a certified armorer.

You'll need a couple tools to properly measure several of the parts we'll discuss below.

Production at Springfield started with 220 flintlock muskets built in 1795.

The Harpers Ferry Armory was destroyed during the Civil War, leaving the Springfield Armory as the federal government's only small arms manufacturing facility. Springfield Armory built another 265,620 M1903s during the war.

This article is intended to show you what parts need to be inspected and how to determine if they're still serviceable.This article is designed to cover the basic safety features that must be in spec before the M1 Garand is used.We'll also show areas that are prone to wear or failures. Click for more info Very rare unissued 1965 Springfield Armory rebuild M1 Garand originally manufactured in July 1943. This is a prewar pre Pearl Harbor gun that is dated 11-41 it is also a “lend lease” British proofed example that contains all co ... The gun is in good shape with a nice bore and well w ...

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