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The biggest benefit of being in a LDR is that it forces you to communicate.

You may never again in the course of your relationship have this much focused time and energy to spend communicating with your partner. If you get to know them deeply and well, that will pay off big-time in the long run.

Overall, there are just over 7 million couples (14-15 million individuals) in the US who consider themselves in a long distance relationship.

Back to top, click here Compared to 2000 there are 839,000 more long-distance marriages in 2005.

(Mom, brothers, best friend and her husband, etc.) I do know that we are on the same page in what we are looking for—a spouse. Any advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated. He seems to be a really good guy–a keeper–so far; and I don’t want to blow this before we ever get a chance to really get to know each other. You are running ahead on all burners, and you haven’t even MET this guy!!Thanks so much, Vickie”Vickie – First – I’m so thrilled for you that this has happened, and that you’re seeing such a dramatic change from using my Tools…Now – this is going to be more challenging when you see him in person – IF you’re attracted to him. Look at it this way: Nothing – absolutely nothing happens until you meet.The chemistry has to be there for him (notice I say “him,” because chemistry can GROW for YOU – that’s how it’s supposed to work).However, if you can’t consistently make talking with your partner a priority, reconsider whether you should be in the relationship.When you’re in a long distance relationship it’s easier to hide your weaknesses and put your best foot forward.

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