Dating a really smart girl

She will not nod and agree with everything you say.

They don’t feel “needed” because the woman is capable of fending for herself. I think men dig smart women, and I think it’s exactly those types of men that women really want.It’s great to broaden your horizons, and with a smart woman, a guy will have ample opportunities to do just that. It’s not the same old conversation every day with a smart woman. and they’re always coming home with new stories and ideas to talk about.Smart woman will keep the conversation going and never let it get boring. By being smart, you’re also more likely to be his equal.As much as you'd love to have the power to steer him on the life-road of your choosing, it's not up to you.Attempting this is only going to cause you heartburn and snatch away a lot of your baby-making years.

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