Dating a celeberty

TIP: Millionaire Match has many millionaire celebrities looking for single men and women to date Choose the right profession One of the ways of attracting the serious attention of a celebrity is to come across them professionally.So choose a job which lands you in regular contact with the rich and famous; this could range from the media to financial and legal services.For in the field they are, some may need regular ego massages to keep them on their confident tracks.If you think you cannot always stand by the fences cheering them on – for bigger the stars, bigger the shadow they cast – you might want to re-think your celebrity relationship.Now, whether you appreciate it or not depends on whether you like a private or public life. You get to get under the skin of that enigmatic person you hear about in the papers, or watch in the television. You may be a non-conformist intellectual or a starry-eyed fan – though when you are dating a celebrity, there are some important things you need to watch out for – The Alter Ego – They may be ‘larger than life’ on the screen – though you need to understand – they are just human after all.

If you want to be a celebrity (or if you’re a celebrity-in-training), dating a superstar is a perfect way to boost your own profile.

It may be a casual affair, or it may get serious – though whether you want it or not, you are thrust into a swirling vortex of a platform constantly under the surveillance of cameras and fans.

After all, dating a celebrity means you are by default an honorary mini-celebrity yourself!

Celebs are always on guard for groupies and tabloid tattlers, so you want to prove that you won't be the next girl to sell him out.2. Hey, it's shameless, but if you ask original, thoughtful questions that forge a bond between you and him, it might spark something! Wear something stylish and unique, but not too revealing. They feel safe and comfortable around people who can understand the unique plusses and minuses of being globally adored.

If your celeb crush messages you on Twitter or Facebook, don't immediately blast it out hyperventilatingly on your news feed. If he's said in a past interview that his favorite color is purple, don't dress like a walking eggplant like the gazillions of other girls trying to get his attention.

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