Dating a butterface

Butterface means: "Everything looks good but her face." and the "but her face" being shorted to "butter face" If someone called you a butterface, it means they think you got a really nice body, but your face is not so great.If someone ever calls you that, it's pretty derogatory and I wouldn't stand for it. This is something that only guys usually say, so don't feel bad for not knowing.1= you are a butter-face to some extent but not enough for me to really careand 10= you are the worst butter-face I've ever seen and now my eyes are on fire I know I am a butter-face because I get called that almost every day by girls and guys alike.Is there anything that can make me less of a butter-face?A few weeks into when we started dating he had spent the night at my dorm and snooped my Facebook (I had left it open and signed in).He found some messages in there between me and another guy that were sexual in nature and got angry at me about it. There are three offenses here and separately they are pretty benign, but when combined together over only 6 months of dating it paints an unflattering picture of your boyfriend. went through my social network stuff, my email, my texts, or whatever form of communication I’ve had without asking my permission I would be pissed off.

In other words, everything is attractive "but her face," hence a "butterface."Many women perceive 'butterface' as a sexist comment as it focuses on the negative aspects of appearance and adds to the insecurity many women already have about their physical qualities.' Butterface' just means the same thing as calling a man 'ugly.'"A year after The Frisky article, the term had become familiar enough to the general public for AOL’s women’s content site Lemondrop to use it as the headline of the September 2010 article "Butterfaces, Rejoice! My boyfriend and I have been together for 6 months.This is more directed at the guys, but ladies feel free to participate if you can think of any. bad thread idea man - telling people their face is no good...Despite the smooth, rich and creamy connotations of the word butter, the term "butterface" is not a compliment but a put-down.

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