Daisy delahoya still dating london

My fears of a less-than-festive season of "Daisy of Love" are coming all too true! It begins well, with a "rock band" challenge that is sure to result in public humiliation and horror, and boy does it ever.In fact, this show may just be even more down in the dumps than "Rock of Love Bus." And it started off so promisingly inane and retarded! Three teams are created, and right off the bat, , doesn't pick him for his fake band on this fake show.Since her time on the show, Oscar De La Hoya’s niece—yes, you read that right—has kept herself busy making club appearances and writing songs like “Pretty Messed Up” based on her experience on the show (visit her My Space page to check them out).talked to De La Hoya about reconnecting with her family, how she’s parlaying her TV stint into a new career and what it’s like to get brutally rejected for the enjoyment of millions. What kind of feedback have you been getting since Rock of Love 2 wrapped? When I make my club appearances there are tons of people there, and it’s like, picture-picture-picture-picture-picture!.’) Lower toned, Valley-girl diction similarities aside, why would I want anything in common with Punk Rock Tattoo Barbie gone wrong?

Every other time, the boys have decided to leave of their own desires.The winning band gets three brand-new get lines fed to him, as I used to suspect; now it seems that he was actually pretty clever/funny on his own. The show begins with some loving shots of from "I Love New York" and "I Love Money." There is an old sadsack rocker with long hair and a rumpled face. "She's got it all--hot bod, blonde hair, big fake boobs, and covered in tattoos," one guy drools (I may be paraphrasing).And yes, she’s got a freakin’ attic full of skeletons.But damaged or not, De La Hoya actually came off as sincere in her intentions, and in the current reality TV landscape, that’s an all too rare phenomenon.

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