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Within the movement itself, there are various media outlets, different angles and belief systems.

Many times, the dissonance in feminist voices is undermined by the media or cultural narratives. As long as the conversations are intelligent and open-minded, having differing opinions can be beneficial to feminism.

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Feminist literary criticism is literary criticism informed by feminist theory, or, more broadly, by the politics of feminism.

Ann Baker, Clyde Manwell and Cedric Pugh (editors), Intellectual Suppression: Australian Case Histories, Analysis and Responses (Sydney: Angus & Robertson, 1986), pp. Suppression of intellectual dissent sometimes occurs in obvious and dramatic ways, such as a blocking of critical publications or sacking dissidents.

If the systematic suppression is highly effective, then overt suppression will seldom be required.

My aim here is to describe the structural nature of the suppression of feminist thought in universities, with some examples of strategies used to overcome it.

“That’s so weird,” I frequently hear in college classrooms or social interactions. They actually make sense.” Yes, I absolutely do discuss feminist theory with completely normal humans on a regular basis in simple social situations. Even within specific websites such as Everyday Feminism, individual feminists can have different viewpoints on the same feminist issues. However, I completely believe that the diversity of opinions yield some great personal and political revelations.

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