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They were a £25 panic buy from a tacky Hollywood shop when she was caught short without a pair of heels.But the "stripper's shoes" which helped Dame Helen Mirren scooped an Emmy last year proved a good luck charm once again.One black "friend's" testimonial -- "Johnny is generous enough to remark upon how 'articulate' I am! " -- carries a zesty punch in light of Joe Biden's recent remarks on Barack Obama.At these satires' roots is a distinction between challenging a Don Imus-type racism and the investment in something called white privilege.If you want to snag a second date with a Republican, go to an expensive restaurant – your chances will increase 122 percent, Match said.

The Perspex six-inch high stilettos were bought in a frenzy hours before last year's ceremony when the 62-year-old actress realised she had forgotten her high heels.His racist schtick makes fun of racists, and there's a comfortable distance between the satire and the show's mostly liberal viewers.The critique goes down easy because it represents something the viewer isn't.Thus, Rorschach is Moore's vision of an Objectivist superhero. A is far more dispassionate than Rorschach—he’s a purer representation of a perfect Objectivist as opposed to what a real one might actually be like.(And unlike Rorschach, he doesn’t work in the slightest as an actual believable character one could care about.) When Mr.

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