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One man has his arm across the shoulders of a young Jon Bon Jovi.

But my jaw hits the ground anyway when I realize whom I'm looking at. One man takes a picture in front of his 1987 Camaro, parked outside of a diner.

Maybe I shouldn't be surprised: 68 percent of the site's members are men, and their average age is 44 — right in his demographic. Some wax their chests and others are darkly forested.

He wants to meet; he doesn't know I ran into him just last week. The more careful among them don't post pictures directly to the site, but they send a key that grants me access to a "private showcase" of images.

There is no buildup of suspense as one would find in a filming of a "sting" operation, just pure, unadulterated, "peephole"-style viewing of other people's anguish.

Anyone looking for love knows there’s nothing worse than finding a cheater on a dating app.

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On season 13, he was replaced by Clark James Gable, grandson of Clark Gable.She is invoking a doctrine called waver of tort, which, according to her lawyer Paul Dollak, means that since she was hurt in the process of creating the profiles, Ashley Madison is 'profiting from her injury basically.'A terms and conditions section on the website states: 'You acknowledge and agree that any profiles of users and members, as well as, communications from such persons may not be true, accurate or authentic and may be exaggerated or fantasy.In his email to Mail Online, the Ashley Madison spokesperson provided several photos of Ms Silva showing 'no signs of her so called injury', including one of her on a jet-ski and one of her throwing her arms in the air in front of a city skyline.Cheaters has been rated TV-14 due to strong language, and sexual and potentially violent situations.All uncensored pay-per-view episodes of Cheaters are rated TV-MA as they contain nudity and explicit language.

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